Keystone logo Master in Strategic Design

Master in Strategic Design

Milan, Italy

16 Months


Full time

15 Nov 2025

17 Feb 2025

EUR 15,500



The Specializing Master combines for learning purposes the methodologies of a classic MBA with those typical of a design school oriented towards innovation.

Strategic Design is a design activity that concerns the Product Service System, i.e. the integrated body of products, services, and communication strategies that either an actor or a network of actors (companies, institutions, nonprofit organizations, etc.) generate and develop to create value. It is often claimed that technological innovation, cultural and economic globalization, and the transition to environmental sustainability generate problems and opportunities. It is also repeatedly stated that the possibility to avoid the former and to exploit the latter requires the development of three core skills: visioning, sensing innovation, creating solutions embedded in new business models. It calls for the ability to design products and services whose success today anticipates what will be or may have to be, the norm of tomorrow.

The social demand for a new generation of products and services, coherent with current socio-cultural transformations, and their sustainable development becomes an opportunity for companies able to operate in the context of this new design mindset. This unique meeting of design and company strategy: strategic design.

Title Released

At the end of the program, once the final examination has been passed, the 1st level Specializing Master Strategic Design. Building new businesses and strategies through design diploma will be issued, with the related achievement of 61 CFU/ECTS.


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