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Master in Lighting Design & Technology

Milan, Italy

1 Years


Full time

12 Sep 2024*

Dec 2024

EUR 11,990 / per year


* non-EU citizens with a qualification obtained abroad


Lighting Design & Technology

Lighting design projects should enhance the well-being of people and support social, productive, relational, and communicative activities. Artificial light is a fundamental asset of modern societies and a significant contributor to the economic, commercial, and social development of many countries. Utilizing its full energetic and expressive potential requires specific skills that can be acquired through the Master in Lighting Design and Technology.

This program aims to train professionals with advanced skills in lighting design for interiorsretailhospitalityurban spaces, and museum installations. The demand for Lighting Designers is evident in sectors ranging from specialized companies and design studios to technical departments of public administrations, as reflected by the employment rate of Master’s participants, which exceeds 90%.

The one-year program is taught in English and includes the following educational activities and key themes:

  • Lectures and workshops on the theoretical and methodological foundations of lighting design, from project culture to continuous innovation in the field.
  • Project work with practical exercises in lighting design: CAD and BIM programs; lighting studies for hospitality, retail, outdoor environments, and cultural heritage.
  • Empowerment for professional integration.
  • Internships in lighting design companies and studios.

The Number of Admitted Students is 30

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Upon passing the final exam, participants will receive a First Level University Master’s Diploma in Lighting Design and Technology from Politecnico di Milano. Open Day

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