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Paris Dauphine University

Paris Dauphine University


Message from the President

Dauphine is unique in the world of French universities. Dauphine is specialized in the Organization and Decision Sciences. Our mission is to educate future generations of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and scholars to be both experts in their fields and socially responsible, cultured, open-minded members of the community. We choose only the best candidates and they choose Dauphine. Our faculty is internationally esteemed and award-winning. We are respected for our academic excellence and recognized for the quality of our research in the organization and decision sciences. Our close ties to the business world ensure that Dauphine students are prepared for their professional future and that our programs and curriculum keep pace with an ever-evolving economic landscape. Dauphine is international and socially responsible In 2009, Dauphine became the first French university to obtain the EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development, in recognition of our academic excellence and committed global perspective. Equal opportunity and diversity are a top priority for recruiting students, faculty, and staff. We distinguish ourselves through our:

  • Demanding admissions standards
  • Proven and innovative teaching methods
  • Rich and diversified curriculum
  • Broad and coherent range of academic disciplines
  • Close ties between teaching and research
  • Programs designed with the real-world in mind
  • Faculty that includes both academics and practicing professionals

Dauphine is an ideal place to study and to grow. We are constantly moving ahead. We have the resources to grow, to develop and to attract the best students and faculty in France and internationally, Dauphine is an exciting and stimulating place to be.


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