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Pacific Rim Christian University

Pacific Rim Christian University

Pacific Rim Christian University


Pacific Rim Christian University, an institution of higher education, exists to discipline emerging Christian leaders by developing their theology, ministry skills, & character in order to win souls, plant fruitful churches, & lead as exemplary ambassadors for Christ in the ministry & marketplace.

At Pacific Rim Christian University we are Voyagers. Join us for a life-changing voyage! You'll benefit from an educational experience like no other!

We are called “voyagers” because Hawaii’s identity was established when a courageous Polynesian chief, Hawaii Loa, sailed from the Marquesas Islands to Hawaii, more than 2,400 miles. What a voyage! Like all journeys, it must have been filled with incredible challenges, but it ended with the joy of reaching a new land and starting a new life.


  • Honolulu

    Hoonee Place,2223, 96819, Honolulu