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Pace University MS Data Science
Pace University

MS Data Science

New York, USA

2 Years


Full time

15 Dec 2024

Sep 2025

USD 1,460 / per credit

Distance Learning, On-Campus


Conduct original research across a vast field with expert faculty and industry professionals. Gain the skills needed to use analytical programming languages, data science tools, and applications. Learn how to create knowledge from data.

The Value Proposition

  • Learn the fundamentals of data science, then apply that knowledge through practical exercises and projects that will get you ready to join the tech workforce.
  • Work with real data sets to get to grips with the data life cycle in class and innovative labs like the Applied Networking and Data Science Lab.
  • Become an essential part of any strategic decision-making team as you learn how to use data to provide insights that can take organizations to the next level.
  • You can also complete the MS in Data Science online.

Add Opportunities and Experiences

The capstone project in the MS in Data Science is designed specifically to prepare you for conducting data science tasks in the real world. During the course, you will apply the skills and knowledge gained during your master’s experience to a project involving actual data in a real-world setting. You’ll begin by identifying a problem or opportunity in a real-world domain. You’ll then collect and process data and apply the appropriate analytic methods to find a solution. Both the problem statement and the datasets will come from scenarios similar to those you might encounter in industry, government, or academia. Your final presentation will demonstrate your integration of the knowledge and experience gained over the program and will result in a powerful portfolio piece you can use when applying for data science jobs.

To seriously prepare for a career in data science, you must become familiar with the ethical issues associated with the field. How do we collect data in a way that is ethical and that protects people’s privacy? How does our use of data impact our values as a society, such as what is fair and how accountability should be viewed? What does transparency look like when sensitive information is in the mix? Considering these questions and more will help you understand the power of data, how you can use it, and, importantly, how you should use it.


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