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ORT Braude College Of Engineering

ORT Braude College Of Engineering

ORT Braude College Of Engineering


Since its inception, ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering has embraced a singular goal: making higher education accessible to all Israelis, regardless of their economic background.

At ORT Braude, we consider imparting higher education in the engineering and science fields as a powerful expression of national values and welcome every opportunity to advance this goal. In order to remain relevant in this competitive new world, and provide students with the most current curriculum, we constantly stay abreast of educational and industrial trends.

At ORT Braude, we are keenly aware of our social responsibility and the benefit our location can have for our students, local industries and communities. We believe that each and every person has the right to shape their own future. This belief, alongside the college’s social commitment, have allowed ORT Braude to make tremendous contributions to the local community and economy. It is also the impetus for us to work indefatigably to give young Israelis the opportunity to achieve personal academic fulfilment, while we continue to uphold high, uncompromising academic standards.


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