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Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China


Ocean University of China (OUC) is a key comprehensive university with unique strengths in oceanography and fisheries. It is part of the country’s Project 985 (China’s top 39 universities) and Project 211 (China’s top 100 universities). In 2017, it was included in China’s plan of building world-class universities and academic programs.

Our motto is “Ocean embraces all streams; exploring promises reaching far.”

We have three campuses (Laoshan, Yushan, and Fushan), covering an area of more than 1.6 square kilometers. Our fourth campus on the city’s west coast is currently under construction. We have 21 colleges and a Teaching Center of Fundamental Courses.

The university aims to cultivate innovative and well-rounded talent with a strong sense of responsibility, international vision and, good knowledge in sciences and humanities. As the cradle of China’s marine talent, we have 14 fellows of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering among our alumni. Three alumni have served as directors of the State Oceanic Administration. More than half of the 75 scientists who engaged in China's first Antarctic expedition graduated from OUC.


  • Qingdao

    No.23 Eastern Hongkong Road (OUC Fushan Campus)