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Novi Sad School of Business

Novi Sad School of Business

Novi Sad School of Business


Novi Sad School of Business is an accreditated state school with more than 50 years of tradition in educating professionals in economics and computer science. The school has managed to establish itself as one of the leading state institutions in applied business, economics and informatics. Thousands of enrolled students and graduates and their success in their careers upon completion of the studies are a reliable indicator that the job we are doing has been well done. We believe we should provide top-notch education to those who trusted us, students above all, who have recognized us as partners that can help them realize their full potential and achieve their professional goals. Furthermore, we owe it to our business environment, which defines the purpose of our existence. That is the responsibility we are aware of and which we readily and gladly accept. Seeking to develop further, we are firmly resolved and dedicated to aligning the education we provide with the real needs of the economy. Furthermore, we believe that our institution's development should be founded on essential principles of applied and professional studies and based on best practices of similar educational institutions in the world.


  • Novi Sad

    Vladimira Perića Valtera,4, 21000, Novi Sad