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NOVA School of Science and Technology

NOVA School of Science and Technology


The NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, one of the three largest and most prestigious schools of Engineering and Science in the country, 15 minutes from Lisbon, is recognized for its excellent research, the quality of its courses and the employability of its graduates (graduates, masters, doctors) .

FCT NOVA, with around 8,000 students, has one of the best university campuses, distinguished by a culture of excellent teacher-student relationships and by an intense academic life, with cultural and sporting activities.

All its courses are accredited by the A3ES (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education) and all engineering courses are recognized by the Ordem dos Engenheiros, FEANI and EUR-ACE.

With around 430 professors, 1000 researchers and 200 employees, FCT NOVA is structured in 14 Departments and 16 Research Centers, offering 102 study cycles (18 Bachelors; 11 Integrated Masters (with no admissions from 2021/22); 41 Masters; 32 Doctorates).

Its scientific production, materialized by the publication of a high number of articles in international scientific journals of great demand and quality, grants it wide international recognition (the value of the scientific production index - SciVal Citation Impact - is 1.35, the which means that FCT NOVA is 35% above the world average.This performance allows it to integrate the main networks of technological universities, such as the CESAER network and to participate in consortia with European and US universities, namely MIT, CMU and Universidade do Texas.

The participation of FCT NOVA in 9 COLABs and the obtaining of 9 ERC Scholarships by FCT NOVA researchers (greater concentration of these laboratories and scholarships in Portuguese universities) shows that it is a School of Science and Engineering oriented towards the future and based on international research in Vanguard.

Curriculum profile NOVA School of Science and Technology

The NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA was a pioneer in the creation of an academic path that, as in large international schools, bets on the development of soft skills for students. In addition to the excellent technical training in the specialty, all students are prepared to work as a team, develop communication skills, know how to manage time, solve problems, have critical thinking and strengthen the capacity for initiative, a sense of responsibility, creativity, leadership, and adaptability. Areas that are increasingly important for hiring professionals and integrating into the labor market. This educational structure marks the commitment to creating complete professionals, prepared both at a technical and specialization level, as well as at the level of soft skills.

Do you want to study engineering in Portugal?

At the NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA have vacancies for International Students.

In this contest we accept your ENEM!

We have up to 18 courses available at what is one of the most prestigious Portuguese universities with international recognition.

Why NOVA School of Science and Technology ?

Each year, we welcome more than 550 international students from 75 countries. As an international student at the NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, you are:

  • Entering a large and prestigious school in Portugal and Europe, with internationally recognized research activity and courses with high employability.
  • Experience an intense academic environment (culture, sport, social) just 20 minutes from Lisbon and with good accessibility (bus, train, metro, boat).
  • Enjoy the country with the sunniest days in Europe, with short, mild winters and long, hot summers.
  • Enjoy the multicultural environment that offers the comfort of the Portuguese language.
  • Excellent teacher-student relationship.
  • Benefit from a curriculum profile that provides complementary skills for a better integration into the international job market.
  • Have the opportunity to test your entrepreneurial and innovative ideas and join relevant projects.
  • Challenge yourself academically with a selection of over 94 courses taught in Portuguese in areas of study such as: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Physics, Informatics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Science Materials, Conservation and Restoration, Applied Social Sciences, Biomass Sciences and Technology, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences.


  • >8500 students
  • 23 Buildings - 150 classrooms, 350 labs
  • Campus area: 65 ha
  • 16 research centers - 525 researchers
  • >80% R&D units rated "Excellent" and "Very Good" by the Foundation for Science and Technology
  • 420 teachers
  • 94 courses: 18 undergraduate and 76 postgraduate
  • 160 Spin offs and startups


    Candidates of Brazilian nationality

    • For those who completed high school in Brazil, the scores obtained in ENEM can be used;
    • The ENEM exams to be considered are different depending on the course in which the candidate intends to enter;
    • For ranking purposes, the application grade is calculated considering one or two of the scores of the following tests: Natural Sciences and its technologies, Mathematics and its technologies and Languages, codes and their technologies. If it is considered one test, the weighting is 100% and if there are two, each one has a weighting of 50%;
    • The application grade is converted to a scale of 0-200 ; the minimum grade for admission is 95.

    If you intend to pursue a master's or doctoral degree, you can apply as a holder of a higher education course.


    • NOVA is the first Portuguese university on the list of the QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2020
    • EUR-ACE quality mark


    • Costa da Caparica

      Largo da Torre, 2825-149, Costa da Caparica