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Nishikyushu University

Nishikyushu University

Nishikyushu University


Nagahara Academy was founded in 1946, shortly after the end of WWII. Although the concept of “welfare” had not yet penetrated deeply into Japanese society of those days, Nagahara Academy developed educational programs to reach out to disadvantaged people. Nishikyushu University was founded in 1968, following Nagahara Academy’s current to provide curriculum focusing on health and welfare. We have promoted unique education and research, and have developed as the only 4-year private university in Saga Prefecture. Inherited from the time of its original foundation, the spirit of reaching out to disadvantaged people exists in the current faculties and departments.

Modern society seeks individuals capable of thinking for themselves and creating things from nothing. The university, therefore, focuses not on “what we can teach students” but on “fostering students who can think.” Through our practical educational program, we endeavor to bring out the learning capacity of each student to the fullest extent. Practice, exercises, interaction with the community and other experiences that we offer will be wonderful textbooks for students. Students may face situations that may cause loss of motivation; but I am confident that you will encounter many moments when you feel the joy of learning. I sincerely wish that you will experience such joy at Nishikyushu University.


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