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Niigata College Of Nursing

Niigata College Of Nursing

Niigata College Of Nursing


Niigata College of Nursing has launched the career of many nurses, public health nurses, and midwives both within Niigata prefecture and all across Japan since our inauguration in 2002 with the educational and research mission of “nursing study rooted in the local community culture”, and with the founding spirit of “establishment of comfortable and high-quality lifestyles”.

Compassion is a core factor in nursing, and the fostering of a rich heart that can share in people’s joys and sorrows and value the importance of life is at the top of our educational goals. From the first year of study, we incorporate a system of small group learning and support the acquisition of skills of self-directed learning, and from early on in their studies, practical fieldwork studies are conducted where students interact with members of the community. After entering nursing specialties, students are taught the specific knowledge and skills required for the nursing profession, and through clinical training, the students continue to develop their practical nursing skills. In their final year of study, fourth-year students complete a dissertation by exploring a theme by following a research process.

It is a strength of our nursing college that we are able to deliver attentive instruction through the closeness of faculty staff and students and that students learn from each other with the common goal of being a nurse.

Furthermore, we promote education that broadens our students’ horizons both domestically and globally, including exchanges with the Joetsu University of Education, here in Joetsu city, and through overseas training programs with partner universities and medical institutions in Vietnam and New Zealand. In 2018, our university established a doctoral course that follows on from the graduate school master's program. Currently, in Japan, there is an increasing expectation for nursing professionals to have studied nursing at a university or further, a graduate school. It is our hope to cultivate the ability to continue pursuing nursing, with our college as the starting point of the lifelong learning that the nursing industry now demands.


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