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New York University NYU College of Arts and Sciences

New York University NYU College of Arts and Sciences

New York University NYU College of Arts and Sciences


In the 1970s the College underwent yet another major transformation. In response to financial pressures, the Heights campus closed in 1973, and University College merged with Washington Square College. The new institution, which is now known simply as the College of Arts and Science, is the beneficiary of both traditions-the Heights’ residential and collegiate culture and the Square’s progressive urban focus. At that time, a decision was also made to build aggressively for quality-to recruit the very best faculty and students, to update and expand the physical plant, and to create distinguished programs both here and abroad.

In recent years the College has become recognized as a national leader for its efforts to reinvent a liberal arts education for the 21st century. With a challenging liberal arts core, the College Core Curriculum, at the center of its curriculum, the College emphasizes student inquiry and research; offers unique opportunities for international and preprofessional study; and makes use of the city as a site for learning and service. A liberal arts education thus reconceived is not only personally enriching but also eminently practical in developing the skills and perspectives essential to assume a leadership role in the 21st century. As the new millennium proceeds, the College continues to build on its founders’ goal of providing "Useful Knowledge."


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