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Neapolis University Pafos Master of Science in Data Analytics and Financial Technology (Joint Degree with Hellenic Mediterranean University)
Neapolis University Pafos

Master of Science in Data Analytics and Financial Technology (Joint Degree with Hellenic Mediterranean University)

Paphos, Cyprus

18 Months


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 12,000 / per year *


* we offer a 40% scholarship, so students pay 7200 euros


The Inter-institutional Postgraduate Study Programme (I.P.S.P.) in “Data Analysis and Financial Technology” aims to develop a high level of research and educate graduates in the field of finance and computer science at the postgraduate level through the ten courses offered.

The purpose of the Programme is to arm the student with a very wide theoretical and practical arsenal of knowledge and analytical skills so that he/she can comprehend and develop the subject of data analysis and financial technology. The aim is also to educate students appropriately so that they develop critical thinking with the ultimate objective of producing research in the subject matter.

The proposed postgraduate programme Master of Science in Data Analysis and Financial Technology responds to the specialised needs created by modern and classical methods of financing and managing capital resources of corporate organisations, modern financial instruments, banking needs and methods, and public involvement for raising and offering resources. With the specialised knowledge and skills that will be acquired from this programme, the graduates will be able on the one hand to apply the new methods and knowledge in these subjects in the world of businesses and organisations, and on the other hand they will have acquired the necessary specialisation background to advance their research to a higher level such as that of the doctorate.

In particular, the proposed I.P.S.P. aims to:

  • prepare students for the high-level staffing of financial/economic departments and/or directorates of the private or public sector in Greece or abroad
  • train specialised scientists who will assist the process of Big Data management and use technology for the provision of financial solutions (Financial Technology or FinTech), due to the unprecedented scale of data produced daily, as well as the need of data analysis for the export of valuable knowledge in the fields of finance.

The above is a result of market globalisation but also the development of technology and computer science, the growth of data that offer, among other things, sources such as the World Wide Web, social networks, and the recent trend for open data. As an industry, FinTech refers to emerging technology companies aiming to compete with traditional financial institutions and offering a range of services, from mobile phone payment solutions, crowdfunding platforms or online micro-finance, to online portfolio management tools and international capital transfers. FinTech companies are attracting the interest of both the various users of banking services, as well as investment companies, who see them as the future of the finance sector.

Therefore, the role of Data Analysis and Financial Technology, which requires excellent knowledge of modern theories and practices of Computer Science and Finance combined with the concept of Big Data, highlights new opportunities for economic growth, elements that are considered particularly important today.

Holders of the Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma (PSD) in “Data Analysis and Financial Technology” from the proposed I.P.S.P. will have sufficient knowledge to pursue an international career, taking up positions with a particularly high level of knowledge in the organisation and management of the modern financial environment.



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