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NBS Northern Business School Business Management (MA) - full-time/part-time
NBS Northern Business School

Business Management (MA) - full-time/part-time

Hamburg, Germany

18 Months


Full time, Part time

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EUR 12,650



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This course is offered at the NBS in two time models, namely full-time during the day and Friday evenings and Saturdays for working people.

The special advantage: You can change the time model during your studies, for example if you start your career during your studies through a traineeship.

The career options

Graduates of the Business Management (MA) course take on team and project management and control tasks. You are able to work on problems independently and in a timely manner on a scientific basis and to meet the goals and needs of companies and customers as well as the legal requirements. In addition to specialist knowledge, taking on management-related tasks also requires certainty and the willingness to make decisions. Therefore, the course is also geared towards imparting key qualifications.

The Business Management course enables students to work in an advisory, conceptual and strategic manner. The fields of activity of business managers include corporate leadership positions in management as well as project management positions and market-oriented management of individual corporate areas such as human resources, marketing or controlling. You benefit from good career prospects in business areas such as marketing, sales, IT and the financial sector, where qualified applicants at Master's level are in demand. In addition, the students practice the internationally most relevant business language by completing several English-language modules.

NBS always focuses on the employability of graduates. This is promoted, for example, by the integrated free seminar program. Are you considering an academic career? Use our scientific publication series for your first publication!

The study content

The Master's degree in Business Management (MA) imparts in-depth business management expertise, comprehensive methodological and strategic skills and management skills through research-based and scientifically reflected teaching. You will be enabled to develop practical tasks in the area of project and company management, to work out solutions to problems and to successfully put them into practice. At the same time, you will acquire the necessary social and intercultural skills - not least due to the fact that several modules are held in English.

Against the background of the change in entrepreneurial activities, managers must increasingly perform strategic and business management control functions. The curriculum and methods of the Business Management course are designed to enable graduates to master these challenges in practice. This requires comprehensive, advanced business management skills, consisting of technical, methodological, social and personnel management skills. In addition, intercultural skills, corporate security and internationalization in marketing are integral parts of the course.

In terms of content, the course is divided into four module groups:

  • management and law
  • controlling and marketing
  • Corporate security and digitization
  • Master project and master thesis



Master of Arts (MA)

admission requirements

  • Admission requirements are successful completion of an undergraduate course in economics (Bachelor, Diploma) or another undergraduate course in which at least several semesters of fundamental business administration qualifications have been acquired.
  • Students with fewer than 210 ECTS points from a bachelor's degree and WITHOUT proven relevant professional experience must complete a one-semester propaedeutic course, which may involve additional costs.
  • Students with fewer than 210 ECTS points from a bachelor’s degree and a proven, relevant professional experience of at least one year can apply for up to 30 ECTS points to be credited.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us!
  • Required language skills: English at level B2

Normal period

Full-time: 3 semesters (18 months)
Part-time: 4 semesters (24 months)

Lecture times and locations

In the classic full-time model, courses take place Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The majority of the lectures will take place in the newly opened "AlsterCity" study center.

The courses in the part-time model take place on Fridays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in our study centers in Quarree and Holstenhofweg and in the rooms of the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

semester break

Semester breaks are in February and August. There are no courses or exams from Christmas Eve to New Year.

tuition fee

The tuition fees in the full-time model amount to 18 installments of 675 euros per month. In addition, a one-time examination fee of 500 euros is charged for the final examination (total price: 12,650 euros). In addition, the costs for the SemesterTicket set by the HVV are incurred at the beginning of each semester (as of WS 2016/17: approx. 170 euros per semester).

The tuition fees in the part-time model amount to 24 installments of 505 euros per month. In addition, a one-time examination fee of 500 euros is charged for the final examination (total price: 12,620 euros).

The NBS pursues a transparent fair price policy. We therefore do not charge any additional fees during the course of study during the standard period of study (e.g. for enrollment or the repetition of module examinations).

Funding Opportunities

For information about funding opportunities, please use the navigation on the right under "Scholarships and study financing".

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