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National University of the West (Universidad Nacional del Oeste)

National University of the West (Universidad Nacional del Oeste)

National University of the West (Universidad Nacional del Oeste)


In the mid-90s the idea of ​​creating a National University for the region was conceived, which arose from a community need and had the support of academic, political, and social sectors.

In 2000 a Bill was presented in the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. Thought in terms of a University that contemplates a vast area, the project was conceived as an objective of the region, and not particular to a district. The Mayors of Ituzaingo, Marcos Paz and Gral. Las Heras immediately joined and promoted the approval of the project in their districts. It was presented in 2000 with a massive attendance in Merlo, Ituzaingó, Marcos Paz, and Gral. Las Heras.

Multiple were the actions that were carried out, among which the following stand out thousands of personal and institutional adhesions, resolutions of different institutions, periodic meetings with national authorities, adhesion and information tables, presence at events, parties and commemorations, statistical surveys, and conformation of work teams and permanent presence of the project in the community.

In 2007 the project was updated and a necessary document was added: the Feasibility Study, which justifies and justifies the need for a national university in the region. Adherence actions multiplied and the project's presence in the community was permanent.

In 2008 this project was treated and approved by two committees of the National Senate: the Education Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee. It is then raised to a session of the Senate at the end of 2008 and approved unanimously.


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