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Nalanda University Master in World Literature
Nalanda University

Master in World Literature

Rajgir, India

2 Years


Full time

31 May 2024

05 Aug 2024

USD 2,066 *


* additional fees may apply


The Master in World Literature enables students to gain a broad acquaintance with a gamut of literature across genres from around the world, transitions in the field of literary studies, literary and cultural texts, theories, and methodologies of study as well as undertake coursework with specific, closely defined topics on a variety of literature and cultures and through a variety of materials. It explores literature and culture across languages, and investigates the intersections among literatures, cultures, media, and disciplines, with a specific focus on South Asia and Southeast Asia. The program offers a broad foundation for further research in literary and cultural studies. The mission of the curriculum is to provide students with a thorough grounding in the Humanities knowledge domains. Based on the interdisciplinary tradition of Nalanda University, the program encourages students to integrate insights and approaches from diverse domains into their studies.



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