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Nalanda University

Nalanda University


The Nalanda University is a research-intensive international University offering Postgraduate and PhD programmes. The reestablishment of the ancient Nalanda University commenced with an agreement between India and participating countries of the East Asia Summit. Based on the agreement, Nalanda University was established on November 25, 2010, by a Special Act of the Indian Parliament and has been designated as an ‘Institution of National Importance’.

Nalanda University is inspired by the academic excellence and global vision of its historic predecessor – the ancient Nalanda. It aspires to meet and set global standards of academic excellence and research, augmenting capacity building in all areas of the knowledge industry. To reinforce the University's international character, 18 countries have signed the MOU with the Government of India to support the establishment of the University and the numbers keep swelling.

History and Revival

The establishment of this University was thus marked by a high degree of cooperation between the State of Bihar and the Government of India. Since the hallmark of the ancient Nalanda was its internationalism, the Government of India decided to share this proposal with the leaders of the East Asia Summit ('EAS'). The proposal was first shared with members States of the EAS at the Cebu Summit in the Philippines in January 2007. The Member States welcomed the regional initiative for the revival of Nalanda University. At the fourth Summit held in October 2009, at Hua Hin, Thailand, members supported the establishment of the Nalanda University and encouraged regional networking and collaboration between the University and existing centres of excellence in East Asia.

International Linkages

The University has established linkages and collaborations with several institutions abroad as well as with East Asia Summit partners. We work closely with educational institutions as well as other organizations that have common goals and can partner with us in keeping with the vision of Nalanda.