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Nagahama Institute Of Bio-Science And Technology

Nagahama Institute Of Bio-Science And Technology

Nagahama Institute Of Bio-Science And Technology


The Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology is a young university dedicated to training specialists in bioscience and biotechnology. The institution's purpose is two-fold: first, to endow graduates with the vision, creativity, and moral compass to pioneer a new era by cultivating character and broad learning and inculcating specialized knowledge and skill in bioscience, and second, to contribute to the development of local communities, industry, international exchange, and academic culture.

We are currently faced with a range of challenging issues that are global in scale yet personal in implication, among them environmental pollution, food safety, adult-onset diseases, new infectious diseases, and energy shortages. The field of bioscience, which has a key role to play in solving these difficult problems, was created by combining a variety of different academic disciplines. I encourage you all to study the fundamental approaches of a variety of disciplines, starting with the humanities, and to develop the academic ability that will allow you to combine them in your thought. We as the department will do our best to support you in that endeavor. I hope that you will make exhaustive inquiry into the dignity of all life on Earth and understand what it means to live today through the language and thinking of science as you grow and develop, becoming bio-technicians and researchers with the sincerity, kindness, and courage to pursue a sustainable society.

Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology is a small and intimate university located in the midst of the marvelous natural beauty of the Kohoku region. As students, you always have the opportunity to mingle with the faculty. You'll meet older classmates you can depend on through club activities and in the lab. I would encourage you to take the initiative to communicate and make friends in your classroom activities and lab work alike. This will help you discover what is unique about yourself and allow you to take an active role as a university student.


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