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Montpellier Business School Msc in Complex Project Management
Montpellier Business School

Msc in Complex Project Management

Montpellier, France

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 16,500 / per year *


* 1-year MSc, 2-year MSc: 26,000 €


MSc program Complex Project Management aims to enhance the managerial and leadership proficiencies of aspiring project management professionals, in preparation for an ever more intricate and project-oriented global landscape. This program is designed to provide students with the advanced skills and practical expertise required to effectively navigate complex projects and lead teams in a dynamic environment. By focusing on the intricacies of project management in the face of growing complexity, participants will learn to devise and implement tailored strategies that enable organizations, both small and large, to thrive amidst escalating intricacy. Ultimately, graduates will possess the expertise to convert challenges posed by complexity into opportunities, whether for their own organizations or for the clients they consult with.

The objectives:

  • Understand complex project challenges
  • Evaluate the relationship between complexity, risk and uncertainty in a project environment
  • Apply Systems Thinking to drive the successful integration of project design and execution strategies
  • Design, develop and deploy projects aligned to an organisation’s specific mission, vision and strategic objectives
  • Identify project stakeholders, complexity and environment to implement effective communication and engagement

Specialisation Courses:

  • Project Management Fundamental
  • Agile Project Management
  • Inclusive Leadership Across Cultures
  • Change Management and Digital Transformation
  • Modeling and quantitative methods of Project management
  • Sustainable Innovation Management


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