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Miyagi University of Education

Miyagi University of Education

Miyagi University of Education


Miyagi University of Education is a teachers’ college that has been educating teachers for more than 50 years. In addition to having excellent pedagogical skills in their chosen fields, it is essential for teachers to possess the qualities required to appropriately take into consideration the wide variety seen in students’ academic abilities, behavioral management, stances on various issues, and learning difficulties that appear in the classroom. For one to attain such traits, it is imperative to receive an education that develops one’s qualities as a human: an education our university has been providing for more than half a century. Professors at our university offer a warm, friendly atmosphere in their classes in which students feel comfortable to participate actively in discussions about topics in which they are interested. It is through the discussions held between teacher and student that real learning can occur? real learning that stays with students well after graduation. A large number of graduates mention these discussions as one of the primary reasons for their high-level skills when they are teachers in the classroom. Furthermore, many students are inspired in their studies through interactions among different majors and participating in overseas exchange programs and volunteer teaching experience abroad programs.


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    Sendai, Japan