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Milwaukee School of Engineering MSOE

Milwaukee School of Engineering MSOE

Milwaukee School of Engineering MSOE


Milwaukee School of Engineering is a private, non-profit university offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, business, mathematics, and nursing. At MSOE, you will find a caring community of students and faculty. Together, we are committed to fostering a higher standard of academic programming and research, and personalized service, instruction, and guidance.

At MSOE you will find dreamers, thinkers, makers, and doers. It is the university of choice for those seeking a community of experimental learners driven to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. MSOE faculty are student-focused experts who bring real-world experience into the classroom. This approach to learning makes our students ready now, as well as prepared for the future. Partnerships with business and industry leaders enable students to learn alongside professional mentors. We challenge our students to go beyond what is possible.

As a highly ranked engineering university in the US, MSOE focuses on laboratory experience and career practice. MSOE challenges students to think outside the box and apply a hands-on approach to solving problems.

MSOE students are hard-working, creative, and have a desire to know more. Our close-knit community of only 3,000 students gives the opportunity to work hand in hand with classmates and professors and allows students to bring practical knowledge to the classroom. Overall, MSOE is the university of choice for students looking to pursue their passions and challenge the standard. MSOE will set the standard for preparing leaders to solve the diverse technical challenges of the 21st century.

Why Choose MSOE?

This is not your average American university. It’s where the enduring desire to learn more sits in our DNA. Where students and professors work together to create an impact far beyond the city of Milwaukee and the shores of Lake Michigan. And, where students become ready to solve complex problems through their passion, tenacity, and resilience.

Personal Attention From Expert Professors

Don’t expect giant lecture halls or teaching assistants (we don’t have either). Instead, experienced professors — with an average of seven years of industry experience — teach every class and lab. With an average class of just 20 students and a lab size of 11 students, you’ll get plenty of personal attention.

More For Your Money

International students often qualify for scholarships from MSOE. But the cost is only part of the equation. MSOE also offers tremendous value. Just consider some of our rankings:

  • Best Value Colleges
  • Best Bang for the Buck
  • Best Colleges for Your Money

Plus, our 10-week quarters allow you to fit in more classes, which means you’ll be better educated in just four years.

Real-World Experience

Most universities talk about hands-on work, but few can match the hundreds of hours of laboratory experience you’ll get as a student at MSOE. In fact, we have more labs on our campus than classrooms — and they’re all available to undergraduates.

Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

MSOE is one of only a handful of universities in the United States that guarantees you will graduate in four years if you start and stay on track in your major, which will save you time and money.

Location, Location, Location

Newcomers are often surprised by all that Milwaukee offers. Located in one of Milwaukee’s most exciting and safest neighborhoods, MSOE is within walking distance from downtown internship sites, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, sporting and concert arenas, festivals, and beautiful Lake Michigan. Plus, we’re just a 90-minute train ride away from Chicago.

A Place to Fit In

Our smaller size — just under 3,000 students — will help you feel at home. And with 100+ student organizations (including an International Student Association) and club and intercollegiate sports, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded new friends.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission Inspires Us.

MSOE is the university of choice for those seeking an inclusive community of experiential learners driven to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision Challenges Us.

MSOE will set the standard for preparing leaders to solve the diverse technical challenges of the 21st century.

Our Values Unite Us.

Six values are at the core of our campus culture:

  • Collaboration – We value working together across boundaries.
  • Excellence – We value the pursuit and achievement of excellence.
  • Inclusion – We value authentic engagement with diverse people, beliefs, and ideas.
  • Innovation – We value creativity and new ideas for lifelong service, discovery, and growth.
  • Integrity – We value doing the right thing in a reliable way.
  • Stewardship – We value the responsible use of our resources.

How We Teach

Giant lecture halls might work for other colleges, but that’s not MSOE’s style. This is what you’ll find instead.

Learning by Doing

There’s a reason why we have more labs than classrooms. We’ve always believed students learn best (and have more fun) by getting their hands dirty and putting theory into practice. MSOE students spend hundreds of hours in our industry-standard labs, and that practical, hands-on experience will give you a definite edge in the workplace.

Deep Connections Between Professors and Students

Your average class will be 20 students, and your average lab will include just 11 students. That intimate learning environment will allow your professors to really get to know you. Expect more than a few to become mentors and perhaps lifelong connections.

Immediate Immersion Into Your Major

You won’t have to wait to explore your passion. You’ll dive into your major-specific classes freshman year, giving you a head start on internships and your career.

Close Industry Integration

MSOE is a trusted partner for leading Wisconsin companies, including Harley-Davidson, Kohler, Snap-on, and more. We work together on the latest industry research and innovations, and 260+ top companies come to recruit our students for internships and jobs at MSOE’s annual Career Fair.

Real-World Learning

At MSOE, we challenge our students on day one with a high touch academic experience that delivers high value. With the challenge, comes growth. Students work through real-world problems side-by-side with faculty who are proven leaders in their fields. Graduates are ready to solve complex problems on their first day of work because they’ve been solving them since their first day at MSOE.

University Scholars Honors Program

For students who want more of a challenge, MSOE’s honors curriculum encourages independent and collaborative learning through project work, professional presentations, and interaction with regional leaders.

MSOE's Campus

Situated in downtown Milwaukee, MSOE's campus is located in a vibrant and safe urban setting.

Our 22-acre campus is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee in the safe and vibrant East Town neighborhood. Just blocks from beautiful Lake Michigan, the theatre district, museums, sports and music venues, parks, and shopping, MSOE students enjoy all of the excitement and opportunity of the city with a close-knit community feel.

Within walking distance of campus you’ll find:

  • 30 seasonal festivals
  • 17 museums
  • 25 theaters
  • 100+ miles of trails for walking, biking, and cycling

Thinking ahead? Milwaukee is a hub to leaders of the industry, health care, and business - so internships and future career opportunities are always within reach.


Graduate Outcomes Rates

Few universities can beat our graduation outcomes rate of 96% — not to mention graduates’ average starting salary of $65,428.

    Program Admission Requirements

    Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

    Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.


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