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Mary Immaculate College


Mary Immaculate College, founded in 1898, is a University-level College of Education and the Liberal Arts, academically linked with the University of Limerick. The College is a multi-campus institution, with a student population of over 5,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programmes in Primary and Post-Primary Education, Liberal Arts and Early Childhood Care and Education, as well as a range of postgraduate programmes at Diploma, MA and PhD levels.

Foundation & Enduring Vision

When the foundation stone for Mary Immaculate College was laid in 1899, the intention was to provide an institution dedicated to the professional training of female teachers for the Catholic national school system. Today, with close to 5,000 young men and women enrolled at the College and participating in a multitude of academic programmes, MIC continues to embrace the founding vision of Catherine McAuley, who established the Catholic Sisters of Mercy as champions for the most marginalised in society with the conviction that education was essential to the quality of life to which all individuals should be entitled. These enduring values remain enshrined in the College Mission Statement as Mary Immaculate steers a new course in the 21st century.

Mission Statement

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, founded in 1898, is a third level Catholic College of Education and the Liberal Arts.

The College community promotes excellence in teaching, learning and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It seeks to foster the intellectual, spiritual, personal and professional development of students within a supportive and challenging environment that guarantees the intellectual freedom of staff and students.

In particular, the College seeks to foster in its students a spirit of justice and compassion in the service of others, together with an openness to the religious tradition and values of each individual.

The College promotes a sense of identity enriched by an awareness of its Catholic tradition, the cultures, languages and traditions of Ireland, and its special commitment to the Irish language.

Mary Immaculate College respects cultural diversity. It strives to promote equity in society and to provide an environment where all have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

Based on the direction and pace of development at MIC during the most recent period of the College’s history, a well-founded appreciation of our essential standing within the Irish higher education system, and with a keen sense of the opportunities for further strategic advancement of our core mission, our vision for the institution in 2023 is as follows:

  • MIC is an ambitious university-level institution in the Catholic intellectual tradition, providing a unique learning experience within an ideal ambience for higher education participation. It is active in research that informs its teaching directly and contributes richly to academia. The College is outward-looking, with strengthened international linkages, and is a resource placed purposefully at the heart of the civic commons. It is an active and innovative contributing partner in the economic, social and cultural development both of its surrounding environs and of the broader Irish educational landscape, helping, in particular, to sustain the vital spirit of collaboration within the higher education system.
  • The College endeavours to offer its students the means to a flourishing life through the highest quality of academic engagement within a rounded and holistic context of participation.
  • The College calls upon its learning community to make a difference in the broader world, bearing in mind a received obligation to galvanise efforts to foster social justice and promote equality for the most marginalised.


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