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The primary task of the established research areas of the Educational Sciences and Mathematics, Industrial Economics and Management along with Work-Life Studies is to provide a research basis for each subject of study at first-cycle and second-cycle levels.

MDU is characterized by close partnerships with businesses and the public sector in the region, making our University attractive to students - and our students attractive on the labor market. About 85 % of our students have a job within one year from graduation.

MDU is environmentally certified and prioritizes sustainable community development in all its activities.

Why Study Here?

  • The collaboration that you will benefit from
    Our education is characterized by high quality and close contact to research, between students, as well as between students and teachers. Mälardalen University is well known for our cooperation with the surrounding society and we know that our students are attractive in the labor market. More than 86 % of our students have employment in their field of study within the first year after their graduation. Through high-quality education and cooperation with the public sector, companies and industry, we prepare you for work life. Our study programs are designed in cooperation with employers and are constantly evaluated by them – which helps to match our programs and courses with the demands of the professional world. Many multinational companies such as ABB and Volvo are situated close to both Eskilstuna and Västerås and our students benefit from this.

  • An international atmosphere
    You will feel at home at Mälardalen University, and being here is more like being part of an international community than in a particular country. Mälardalen University has an international atmosphere, with students and staff from all over the world. We also have partner universities in some forty countries around the globe, and both students and staff have excellent opportunities to spend some time at one of these other seats of learning. Making use of opportunities to study abroad is recommended since it helps you gain new knowledge as well as a chance to meet new cultures and make new friends.

  • Valuable support and activities
    The University offers a lot of study help to our students, among other things in the form of courses in study technique and communication. Towards the end of a study program, we also offer career counseling. The Student Union arranges plenty of social activities and offers valuable support, especially to our international students. The Student Union also work actively to strengthen student influence which includes appointing student representatives who will be called upon to attend various meetings at the University. This gives these representatives, as well as their peers, the opportunity to influence various decisions made.

  • Good accommodation
    We help our students to find a place to live, either in Eskilstuna or in Västerås. During the semesters, Monday - Friday, we also offer free bus travel between the cities, for both students and staff. In order to travel by bus students, as well as members of staff are required to show their MDU card to the bus driver as they board.

  • Excellent facilities at your disposal
    The facilities are modern and feature bright buildings that were built especially for the University. There are plenty of lecture halls and meeting places for students, but also nice courtyards and quiet study rooms. There are plenty of computer workstations that our students can use, plus access to a wireless network for laptop computers. Students attending the Bachelor's Programme of Chamber Music will be based in Västerås castle where they will have almost unlimited access to specially adapted practice and study rooms.

  • High-quality teaching based on research
    That there is a strong link between our educations and our research is a matter of course to us. Our students gain good insights into the world of research and the latest findings.

  • Education with a focus on employability
    As a student from Mälardalen University, you will be attractive in the labor market. Through high-quality education and cooperation with the surrounding community, we prepare you for work life. Our study programs are designed in cooperation with employers and are constantly evaluated by them – which helps to match our programs and courses with the demands of the labor market. Our students stand in continual close contact with their peers, teachers, researchers, and future employers, and many of our educations feature practical elements. This can take the form of, for example, students writing their degree projects in conjunction with a company, or of the university inviting business representatives as guest lecturers.

  • A closeness within the University
    International students often appreciate the fact that it’s easy to get in contact with the professors and that there is an informal atmosphere at MDU. Undergraduate students, doctoral students, and professors often meet in the context of different projects. We appreciate it when students participate actively in their education and therefore encourage you to make the most out of your time of study.


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