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Master PARS Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Master PARS Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Master PARS Università di Roma Tor Vergata


The University of Rome "Tor Vergata" began teaching in 1982. Designed on the model of Anglo-Saxon campuses, it occupies an area of about 600 hectares. This particular extension has allowed to develop in separate structures, built in large areas for each of the six Macro-present:

  • Economy,
  • Law,
  • Engineering,
  • Philosophy and Letters,
  • Medicine and Surgery,
  • Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

Inside the area there are important research institutions, such as the CNR (National Research Center) and the ASI (Italian Space Agency), which make "Tor Vergata" one of the most dynamic aggregations in Italy both for teaching and for the research. Furthermore, the University Campus Tor Vergata, an excellent hospital, regional, national and international reference point, is active in the Campus.

The Campus, located near the exit 19-20 of the Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome, is well connected and easily accessible.

With 18 Departments, 6 area libraries, 350 classrooms for teaching, 29 computer labs, the Villa Mondragone congress center, "Tor Vergata" offers about 350 training courses : 112 degree courses (three-year courses , also professional, magisterial) and a single cycle), about 140 post-graduate courses (advanced courses, first and second level masters, also online), 47 specialization schools, 31 doctorate courses and summer schools .

The University is strongly committed to promoting the international dimension of studies and research, both in degree courses and in doctoral programs. There are also active joint research programs (thematic and interdisciplinary), academic exchanges and agreements for the mutual recognition of educational credits with the most prestigious universities in the world, with over 500 agreements (bilateral and cultural / scientific cooperation).

"Tor Vergata" is working intensively to develop multiple lines of activity related to the "third mission", thanks to which it realizes stable processes of direct interaction with civil society, institutions and the entrepreneurial fabric, with the aim of promoting culture, innovation social and territorial growth.

Alongside high education and training, research and the third mission, the University has placed sustainable development at the center of its mission and vision in all its forms (environmental, social, economic, institutional): "Tor Vergata" from 2015 committed itself to translating this "mission" in terms of teaching, research and the relationship with society and the territory, in order to build a real "positive university" of the future.

A "doing" university

Our goals

  • Working with passion and commitment in favor of sustainable development, our mission and vision.
  • Ensure quality and competence training for over 200 professional profiles and possible employment opportunities.
  • To support a winning search under the banner of "3 i": innovativeness, interdisciplinarity, intersectoriality.
  • Open ourselves to the world with training courses in English and joint, possibility of studying abroad and experiences in business at national and international level.
  • Give opportunities to the most deserving with scholarships and study awards, as well as discounts to all members.
  • Always be close to the students with dedicated services, including tutoring activities, to support those in the first years of the course, and the "White Code Room" of health care for off-site students and foreigners.

A university that is worth

Some of our results

Main international rankings:

In the general classification of the QS World University Ranking it continues to position itself in the 511-520 range of the best Universities in the world and rises to 13th position among the Italian universities in the ranking.

In the QS Ranking Ranking of the Top 50-Under 50 Universities the University ranks in 2019 among the top hundred in the world and is on the podium in second place among the Italians.

It is among the top 500 Universities in the world for the Times Higher Education World Ranking-THE, ranked seventh in the Italian ranking; gaining over 40 positions in the last four years, "Tor Vergata" is at the 28th place globally in the international ranking 2018-2019 of the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), the organization that monitors the performance of the universities of all the world, while it is eighth among the 46 Italian universities.

Graduates and labor market

According to the Almalaurea 2019 survey, "Tor Vergata" reports better performances than the average results at country level in relation to the employment status of its graduates: one year after the title, the three-year employment rate is 74% (against 72 national average%), while that of the magistral rises to 75% (6 points higher than the Italian average); five years after the end of the course, the employment rate of graduate students exceeds 89% (3 points above the national average).

It is among the Top 500 Universities according to the QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2019, which measures the employability of graduates from all the best universities in the world.

According to the latest JobPricing Report, "Tor Vergata" is the third public university in Italy for the best prospects for graduates in terms of pay (3% more than the Italian average in the first 10-year career)

"Tor Vergata" without borders:

The University belongs to prestigious international networks, including:

  • YERUN (Young European Research Universities Network), which unites the 18 best European universities founded less than 50 years ago and present in the most important international rankings),
  • VIU (the important network of Venice International University),
  • EUA (European University Association), the organization that represents and supports more than 850 higher education institutions in 47 European countries,
  • UNICA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe), is an institutional network of 49 universities from 37 European capitals.
  • YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe), one of the 17 university alliances chosen by the European Commission to develop the European University of the future: Tor Vergata is the only Italian Athenaeum to be part of it.


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