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Maranatha Baptist University

Maranatha Baptist University

Maranatha Baptist University


The mission of Maranatha, “to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world ‘To the Praise of His Glory,’” comes directly from Ephesians 1:12, “That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ.” Maranatha’s institutional mission and values are sourced from its faith-based, biblical values. As such, the institution’s core identity as a conservative, Baptist institution of higher education has been well-maintained through its five decades of operation. Within this context, the administration and board of trustees regularly review contemporary issues and emerging trends.

Maranatha’s mission implies that all graduates will be effectively equipped to serve God with competence in a church and in their chosen vocation. To ensure continuity and faithfulness to the mission, MBU makes its doctrinal position and behavior expectations plain to all prospective students, staff, and faculty. Biblically-based lifestyle expectations are applied equally to all employees and students.

A key to understanding Maranatha is its ministry mindset. Integrated and robust systems prepare leaders (from all walks of life) to serve in the local church and the world. Regardless of major, students are challenged to use their education, gifts, and talents to serve God and others with their lives. The Bible Core is part of the General Education component for students in all programs whether on campus or online. Every class is taught from a biblical worldview. Christian service, voluntarily undertaken, is an integral part of campus life with over 90 percent of students regularly participating in some kind of local church service. This integrated system of transmitting biblical values assists students to choose, prize, and act on their faith both during and after college years. This is the central distinctive of Maranatha Baptist University.


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