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Manuela Beltran University (Universidad Manuela Beltrán (UMB))

Manuela Beltran University (Universidad Manuela Beltrán (UMB))

Manuela Beltran University (Universidad Manuela Beltrán (UMB))


At the UMB we have 4 campuses nationwide, an offer of 86 undergraduate and graduate academic programs approved by the Ministry of National Education, under the face-to-face and virtual modality that has 10,000 students and continuing education programs with more than 40,000 students throughout the country, in partnership with public and private companies.

To achieve a quality education we have developed 100 specialized high-tech academic laboratories on our campuses, which promote theoretical-practical training, so that students can apply all the knowledge learned in class.

Thinking about the implementation of the knowledge acquired in class and in the laboratories, the UMB encourages the entrepreneurial practice of its students through 306 agreements nationwide with companies and organizations from all sectors of the economy.

Our academic model significantly has research training processes, in which the development of new knowledge is sought, which is reflected in 23 research groups, of which 70% were categorized within the three main categories of Colciencias, thus demonstrating the excellent management in the development of science and technology of our Institution.

Committed to the training of professionals for an increasingly global environment, our Institution has more than 80 international agreements with Universities, Professional Associations and Research Centers, in order to offer academic programs with international standards and provide student mobility activities, teaching and research in 17 countries on 4 continents.

Additionally, our university is committed to the needs of the community and for that purpose, it has developed countless social projects, the first of which has been aimed at seeking, for 10 years, the freedom of people unjustly convicted in Colombian prisons through the Project Inocencia, the second focused on supporting the disabled population in improving their quality of life thanks to the development, 33 years ago, of the UMB Special Olympics; The third social project is the creation of the Ibero-American Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Assistance - CIAPAT - unique in Colombia and second in Latin America, in which we promote technologies for the autonomy of older adults and people with disabilities for the development of your daily activities.


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