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Malmö University Media Technology: Strategic Media Development
Malmö University

Media Technology: Strategic Media Development

Malmö, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

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Media Technology: Strategic Media Development

New forms of digital media technologies emerge every day, affecting all aspects of our lives as well as changing how organizations and society operate, often in rapid and unexpected ways. From constantly changing forms of mobile communications to virtual and augmented reality, technologies offer new ways of interacting with each other, managing our wellbeing, studying, working and organizing our societies. Creating and managing this complex and rapidly changing media environment requires the ability to see beyond the hype and make informed and timely decisions. This calls for an advanced understanding of the complex interplay between people, organizational processes and digital technologies. In this master’s program you — the future professionals and researchers — will learn to navigate the complexities of this new media environment, and to lead the strategic development of future media technologies across various industries where digitalization is happening and digital media is a key element of success.


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