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Malmö University Master in Sport Sciences
Malmö University

Master in Sport Sciences

Malmö, Sweden

1 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

SEK 100,000 / per year *


* for 1 year program / 195000 SEK for 2 years program


What is the role of sport in a world facing pressing social challenges? How do we understand the possibilities and challenges of sport as a platform for social change? How do we examine and analyze sports and sports science research to find new perspectives on the role of sports? How can we look critically at the development of sport through social processes such as globalization, migration, and urbanization?

Sport Science: Sport in Society is a two-year master’s program that tackles these questions. During the program, students develop applied skills and a critical knowledge base to work with sport, leisure, and health industries as platforms for social change.

The program is tailored for those who have undergraduate experience in sports science, physical education, health science, and management. By embarking on this program, you will have the advantage of being schooled in the latest theories, while also being allowed to apply these theories and concepts to real-life projects and challenges through individual assignments and group projects.

What makes this program unique?

Located in the dynamic Öresund Region, the program is linked to Malmö's urban environment and position as a multicultural, innovative, and sustainable city. Throughout the program, Scandinavian and international contexts are used as case studies, and the program is carried out in close collaboration with industry partners such as local organizations.

The programme strives to offer an international classroom practice and brings together students from different backgrounds. This allows you to deepen your knowledge and gain an overview based on the academic backgrounds and practical experience of other students, which will allow you to work transcultural in your future profession.

The education is closely linked to the sports science research environment at Malmö University, which has a strong research environment and a prominent role in the scholarly debate on sports issues.



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