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Malmö University Master in Computer Science: Innovation for Change in a Digital Society
Malmö University

Master in Computer Science: Innovation for Change in a Digital Society

Malmö, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

SEK 275,000 / per course *


* full tuition fee


Are you looking to combine the engineering practices of computer science with a focus on innovation, business, and management? Computer Science: Innovation for Change in a Digital Society is a two-year master’s program that integrates these different disciplines to train future innovation leaders in a digital society.

Digitalization has a major impact on society, industry, and individuals and comes with several opportunities as well as challenges. Fully reaping the benefits and successfully addressing the challenges on a global and local level requires both innovative technical solutions and skilled business leaders who understand and can engage with the rapid and continuous changes that characterize the digitalized society.

Rather than only pursuing advanced skills in computer science, the program complements students’ prerequisite knowledge with its emphasis on skills in innovation, business, change, and sustainability management. The program focuses on user-centric innovation and change management within new and existing organizations and markets. Graduates of the program will find job opportunities either as change agents in organizations, as entrepreneurs in the start-up sector, or as researchers in academia.

To survive the rapid change of digitalisation, organizations today need new capabilities and competencies in fields such as software engineering, business development, innovation, technology management, and leadership. Organizations are therefore looking for people who understand both technologies as well as business and managerial aspects. By integrating advanced computer science knowledge with skills in innovation and business, as well as change and sustainability management, the master’s program prepares students for future careers as drivers of innovation. The program is relevant for students who have studied computer science as part of their undergraduate degree.

Collaboration with industry and research

The program is built around the research environments at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, including the Internet of Things and People research center, the Software Centre, and the new Data Society Research Program: Advancing Digitalisation Studies. The teaching staff includes experts in software engineering, business and innovation, digital innovation, research methods, and design. The program involves senior researchers, involved primarily as teachers during the first year and as supervisors during the second year.

Prepared for a career as a digital change agent

Students in the program have many opportunities for interaction and collaboration with external partners and client organizations through, for example, thesis projects and internships. Graduated students will be well prepared for work in any number of industries currently undergoing a rapid digital transformation, as well as for continued PhD studies at Malmö University or other universities.



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