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Malmö University Master in Computer Science: Applied Data Science
Malmö University

Master in Computer Science: Applied Data Science

Malmö, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

SEK 300,000 / per course *


* full tuition fee


We are living through a time of immense digital transformation. To benefit society, science, and businesses, we need to develop the right tools to extract the full value from the ever-increasing growth of digital data. This interdisciplinary two-year master’s program will provide you with an understanding of the state-of-the-art methods and algorithms of data science through hands-on experience with the latest tools and systems in the industry. After graduation, you will be qualified to work in a range of positions in data-centered projects as well as pursue Ph.D. studies in data science.

Data Science is an emerging and multidisciplinary field that requires knowledge and skills in subjects such as computer science, mathematics, and communication technologies. During this program, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of data modeling, computational techniques, and statistical analysis. You will apply these skills to real-world problems and build a portfolio of projects demonstrating solutions to current business and societal challenges. You will have the opportunity to conduct original and innovative research, working with industry partners and academia during the capstone project course and thesis work.

The program is built around international research environments at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology. The teaching staff includes experts in artificial intelligence, data processing and analysis, software development for big data and cloud architectures, modern software methodologies, and data visualization.



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