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Makkers School

Makkers School

Makkers School


We are a training space in which our priority is to create top-level professionals, not from the form, but from the bottom. We want to be the seed of a professional career, and the only way we have to do it is through the love and affection with which we continue to carry out our work in the audiovisual world every day. We bring together active professionals who feel the same passion for their work, and who through their experiences and within a training framework in which students are an essential part of this contagion training, participate in the creation of the professionals of the future . By partnering with the most prestigious companies in the sector, in each of the subjects we teach, we manage to complete a 360-degree training that allows our "Makkers" to function within a tremendously demanding professional market. Do you want to be a Makker?


  • Madrid

    Calle de Ferraz,80, 28008, Madrid