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LUT University Master’s Programme in Renewable Power-to-X Economy
LUT University

Master’s Programme in Renewable Power-to-X Economy

Lappeenranta, Finland

2 Years


Full time

22 Jan 2025*

Sep 2025

EUR 13,500 / per year **


* regular admission from 16 December 2024–22 January 2025

** annual tuition for non-EU/EEA students


Electrical energy is now more than ever the answer to the world's urgent energy challenges. It is the crucial driver of efficiency and success in the energy transition towards a sustainable, truly industrial and consumer-oriented economy.

Electrical engineering is the largest and most diverse technological field in the world. Studies in the Master's Programme in Renewable Power-to-X Economy are wide-ranging and relevant to industry.

A renewable Power-to-X economy combines solar and hydrogen economies as well as Power-to-X conversion. Students obtain comprehensive knowledge about renewable energy sources, their technologies, and the role of different fossil energy sources on the path towards purely renewable forms of energy. Adjusting the consumption of electricity to the changing production of renewable forms of energy is a considerable challenge. In addition to direct electrification, students learn why hydrogen is a key factor in the large-scale use of renewable energy sources, the storage and transmission of electrical energy, and further processing into, for example, fuels and fertilizers.



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