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Lund University MSc in Applied Computational Science - Biology
Lund University

MSc in Applied Computational Science - Biology

Lund, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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SEK 310,000 *


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Computations are becoming more and more important in research and industry. To make predictions, analyses or replace experiments, we make use of numerical simulations and machine learning on large computers. We generate and store large amounts of data and use data science to search for patterns, connections, and trends.

The Master Programme in Applied Computational Science with a specialisation in Biology will give you detailed knowledge about the underlying methods with respect to biology. You will learn how to study complex processes in natural sciences, and how Computational Science can contribute to knowledge evolution in society. A few of many examples are studies in, and research on, environment and climate change, climate adaptation, biodiversity and ecosystem services, nature conservation and chemical risks. The programme will prepare you for a professional career in academia as well as in business and industry. Applied computational science can be divided into several components: mathematics, modelling, statistics, and programming. The borders are not sharp, as concepts and methods often combine these components. The programme will prepare you for a professional career in academia as well as in business and industry.


This interdisciplinary education will give you in-depth knowledge in the field of computational science, but you also study advanced courses based on your subject knowledge in biology from your bachelor’s degree. In addition to knowledge of the theory of computational science, there will be an emphasis on obtaining knowledge about the practical tools that are used by professionals in the field and you will amongst several things train your skills in programming. You will get generic knowledge and skills of importance for computationally intensive jobs such as problem formulation, information search, data processing, scientific writing, and presentation techniques.

The programme has five separate specialisations: Environmental Science, Biology, Geology, Physical Geography and Chemistry. You will study several courses together with students from another track than your own and there are possibilities to do common projects and thesis work. During your studies, an interdisciplinary perspective is emphasized and you will even study together with students from mathematics and physics.

Education has a strong connection to research. You will meet and be taught by active and internationally well-recognized researchers, and you will be in contact with several research groups. You will at the same time be prepared for a career in business and industry.


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