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Università LUM - School of Management

Università LUM - School of Management

Università LUM - School of Management


Born in 2004, the School of Management of the University offers 44 University Masters, 12 Executive Masters and more than 40 Vocational courses.

It promotes many initiatives such as seminars, conferences, symposia, and Summers Schools, also addresses society, law and business issues through the courses and master programs provided by the School of Law and the School of International Studies, respectively.

In this development process, the School has gradually consolidated numerous and important relations with companies, public institutions, healthcare organizations and social enterprises in which it serves as a privileged interlocutor. From this perspective, it aims to give a contribution to the institutional and cultural pattern by providing expertise and resources as well as a deep commitment to the improvement and growth of Italy and the Mediterranean area. In other words, LUM School of Management, along with its compounding parts, presents a modern organization, capable to translate the principles of its founder: strengthening exchange patterns between the Faculty and Students: between the academy and productive system while creating valuable synergies. It is important to emphasize on the high-quality placement provided by the School provided a range of benefits and positive impacts not only to students, both in terms of their academic performance and their employability skills but also to local, private and public companies and firms with whom agreements and memorandum of understanding have been signed. The School of International Studies was established with the aim of creating a specializing postgraduate education for international managers on relevant economic and social issues.

However, the future history of the School is still to be written: pages that will narrate the pride and the passion of those who participate in this hard adventure to build the progress of the country with the strength of values, ideas, and aspirations.


  • Bari

    Direzione amministrativa S.S. 100 Km 18 70010 Casamassima (BA), 70010, Bari

  • Milan

    viale Murillo, 17, 20149, Milan