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Luleå University of Technology MSc in Maintenance Engineering
Luleå University of Technology

MSc in Maintenance Engineering

Luleå, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

SEK 140,000 / per year *


* tuition is free for EU/EEA students


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Effective operation and maintenance processes are very important for a sustainable future. This Master's program is designed to fulfill both industrial and academic demands so that you can pursue a career in a technical and competitive industry or academia.

The goal of maintenance is to keep all systems functioning by applying identification and prevention of problems. A company's efficiency and profitability depend heavily on their maintenance performance. By improving maintenance, huge savings can be made while quality and reliability are improved. In the program, you learn maintenance strategies, asset management, and how to improve maintainability and safety in maintenance. You'll also learn how to implement solutions that make maximum use of resources which contributes to a sustainable future.


The program contains courses designed to hold a high academic level while dealing with real industrial problems. Courses in Condition Based Maintenance, Reliability Engineering, and Operation Research give you the skills and understanding to take the next step in your development as a maintenance engineer and asset manager. Two courses in Industrial AI and eMaintenance give you skills in advanced data analysis and knowledge of how digitization and AI can be implemented to solve the maintenance challenges in a digitized, automated, and connected production. The program also includes a course in Human Factors that gives you knowledge and understanding of how to improve maintainability and safety, but also how organizational aspects affect the safety and quality of maintenance activities.

Maintenance engineering for a sustainable world

In this program, you will gain an understanding of how maintenance is an important part of combating climate change by strengthening our resilience to climate-related problems and adapting how we take care of all the technical systems in our environment.

You will also learn why maintenance is needed to switch to a sustainable industry where existing resources are used in a more efficient way. In order to have sustainable consumption and production, we need to reduce our ecological footprint by changing how we produce and use our natural resources. In the program, you calculate the reliability and service life of the various parts of a product and analyze products in their various life cycles. You will develop maintenance strategies that help meet companies' business and sustainability goals.

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