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Lublin University of Technology

Lublin University of Technology


Lublin University of Technology was founded in 1953. The University is located in the southeastern part of Poland. Its campus is one of the best-designed and equipped teaching and research centers in Poland. Apart from modern facilities, the campus features historic buildings. LUT ranks high among Polish universities in the number of patent and utility model applications. The university is also the leader in the number of patents and protection rights granted. LUT is a quadruple Leader of Innovation in the “Perspektywy” Education Foundation ranking.

There are around 9000 students at LUT and foreigners constitute over 10% of the LUT student body. The university’s alumni are characterized as competent specialists who understand the relationship of research and technology with social and civilizational development. Faculty members, students, and doctoral students of the Lublin University of Technology have been the laureates of various research competitions, and have received medals at international exhibitions of inventions in Geneva, Valencia, and Santa Clara, USA. Students may choose between 29 fields of study in Polish and 2 programs in English taught at six faculties.

LUT cooperates with several EU and non-EU universities within Erasmus+ and other international exchange programs, giving the students many opportunities to gain unforgettable experiences while studying or doing internships abroad. LUT also offers many extracurricular activities to get involved in, such as science clubs, traditional and contemporary dance groups, academic choir, academic sports federation, yacht clubs, and many more. Lublin University of Technology hosts the Student Culture Days “Juwenalia” Festival every year. The event attracts scores of music lovers who can watch and listen to live performances of the greatest music stars.

Campus Features

LUT Library

There are LUT Central Library and 4 faculty libraries located on the campus. The Central Library contains more than 160,000 books and 300 current periodical titles from Poland and abroad. The Library offers scientific literature, reference literature, course books as well as periodicals and magazines. Students can use the library catalog to search for all forms of library material and check the location and stock availability. Many resources are available electronically and are accessible through the authorized connection, both on and off campus. Students and academics can use PCs with an Internet connection in each faculty library and Help Desk. Students' readers’ cards are valid during the study period and allow them to borrow locally stored books free of charge. All freshmen are offered an info meeting on how to use the library.

Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) is located on the 8th floor of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. Apart from organizing language courses, the Department offers many examinations in English, French, and German which are recognized internationally, for example, TOEFL, TOEIC, TELC, MONDIALE Technical English, WiDaF, MONDIALE Fachsprachentest DeutschTFI, TM.

Careers Services Office deals with the job market, job/internships/training offers, information on employers, and situations in the job market. They support students and recent graduates in the selection of their job careers, and they organize individual and group workshops on career planning. Every student who is considering his/her job career can visit the Office for unpaid consultation.

Entrepreneur Incubator of LUT supports the enterprise of students, doctoral students, graduates, and young university staff within LUT and other institutions. The incubator focuses on activities that allow the implementation of youth ideas, to check their ability in action on the real market, just before their service is ready to be sold off. It simply means that beneficiaries can start-up businesses.

IT Centre provides service within the development of the information technology infrastructure and enables Internet access to all students. Students are given a student mail address and they can use the Eduroam network for an Internet WiFi connection.


    Eligible candidates

    The following candidates are eligible to pursue higher education at Lublin University of Technology based on the Rector’s decision:

    • Candidates who are not holders of any status or documents that entitle them to study on the same conditions as Polish nationals; non-nationals who possess a residence permit with an annotation ‘access to labor market’ or Schengen visa or national visa for work in the territory of Poland, can enroll on and follow an education at LUT only on a fee-payment basis;
    • Holders of a valid Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka);
    • Nationals of the Member States of the European Union, of the Swiss Confederation, or the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area – and members of their families who have funds necessary to cover their subsistence costs during a period of study;

    Step-by-step procedure

    • Create an individual registration account in the Electronic Student Registration System
    • Choose your faculty, program, and level of study.
    • Fill in and submit the personal questionnaire - complete your details.
    • Upload scans of the qualification documents.
    • Pay the application fee within the application deadlines.
    • Participate in the qualification procedure – your documents are verified in respect of formal and education-related requirements.
    • Check the qualification results. You will receive a decision issued by the Rector (either positive or negative).
    • If the decision is positive, submit the original required documents specified in the decision.
      The Office of International Education will inform you of the following steps via email or letter.

    Necessary documents

    Qualification documents

    • Scan of the higher education diploma with legalization (or apostille) and annotation;
    • Scan of the official transcript of records/diploma supplement with the scale of grades included confirmed by the University
    • Scan of the official certificate confirming your command of the language of instruction
    • Scan of the passport page with your photo and personal data

    Enrollment documents

    • Personal questionnaire – printed out from the Electronic Student Registration System and signed;
    • Documents confirming completion of higher education with legalization (or apostille) and their sworn translation into Polish or translation made or certified by the right consul;
    • Diploma supplement or other document containing the list of completed subjects (transcript of records) together with curricula content and their sworn translation into Polish or translation made or certified by the right consul;
    • Document informing about the grade scale (if not specified in education documents) issued by the University and its sworn translation into Polish or translation made or certified by the right consul;
    • Documents confirming the knowledge of the English language;
    • A disease and accident insurance policy covering the period of education in Poland, or the European Health Insurance Card.
    • A valid document authorizing the student to stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland
    • A certificate of recognition (nostrification) of higher education diploma (if applicable)
    • Original Power of Attorney, authorizing a person to act on behalf of the Student (if necessary).

    Application and tuition fees

    Application fee – 20 EUR

    • The application fee is paid once per every field of study to which a student registers in the Electronic Student Registration System and it is non-refundable. It should be paid no later than 1st July 2023. Bank account details are given in the Electronic Student Registration System and the admission system in the field PAYMENTS.
    • Tuition fee – tuition fees per semester in EUR paid by students admitted based on the Rector’s decision are specified

    Online application

    To apply online please follow the steps below:

    • Follow the registration link at the bottom of the page.
    • Choose your faculty, program, and level of study.
    • Fill in and submit the personal questionnaire to create your registration account. You will need to fill in your personal, contact, and educational details.
    • Remember or copy your NIU number and password.
    • Log in to your registration account using your NIU number.
    • Once you log in, check the data in the Personal Data section.
    • Add in MsWord file information necessary in sections: Secondary Education – Issuing country of secondary school certificate; Higher Education – Issuing country of higher education diploma; address, phone number, and the area code, and email address of the higher education institution.
    • Upload the qualification documents in the Upload Documents section as well as your photo.
    • Pay the application fee.

    Visa Requirements

    All foreigners (EU and non-EU) need to legalize their stay in Poland. There are several possibilities, depending on the purpose and period of visit. A visa or Schengen visa is required to visit Poland. If you plan to immigrate to Europe and reside in Poland for a long period – you need a residence permit, which can be acquired on the grounds of getting an education. Third-country citizens holding long-term visas may stay in the Republic of Poland for more than 90 days and they should apply for a residence permit.

    The Republic of Poland is a member state of the Schengen area. Countries of the Schengen Agreement have abolished passport and immigration control at their common borders and for travel between their member states. Member countries also recognize Schengen visas issued by other Schengen states. On the outer border, or upon first entry to the Schengen area, normal immigration control procedures apply, however admission to any Schengen country is considered admission to the whole Schengen area (all member countries), with no further immigration checks needed.

    Foreigner’s legality of stay on Polish territory may be checked and it consists of requesting the foreigner to present documents or permits authorizing him to stay in Poland, the financial means necessary to cover the costs of the stay, and documents confirming the fact of having health insurance.

    Institutions authorized to carry out this kind of control are:

    • Officers of the Customs Service
    • Border Guard Service officers
    • Police officers
    • Authorised employees of the Office for Foreigners
    • Authorized employees of the Voivodeship Office

    Visa Extension

    Please remember that the final list of requirements and necessary documents may be changed by the administrative bodies and before you apply for a visa extension you should always consult a particular office for information.

    The validity period of the Schengen visa for foreigners residing on the territory of the Republic of Poland issued by the Polish authority or the authority of another Schengen state, valid also on the territory of Poland, can be extended as well as the length of stay covered by this visa, if presented proof of important reasons justifying the extension of the validity period or the period of stay.

    A foreigner who intends to extend the period of their residence based on the Schengen visa shall submit a filled application form for the extension of a visa and the additional documents listed below to the voivodeship office with jurisdiction over the foreigner’s place of residence, no later than on the day of expiration of the period of legal residence on the territory of the Republic of Poland. The extension of a visa for important personal reasons is subject to a stamp duty in the amount of the equivalent of 30 euros. The document is issued within one month.

    Necessary documents:

    • Application form completed by the provided information
    • 1 photograph
    • Photocopy of a valid travel document (original available for inspection).
    • Document that confirms the reason for visa extension (confirmation of your student status).

    Scholarships and Funding

    Poland offers scholarships to students through the government, various foundations, and the universities themselves. They are available to students of Polish origin including disabled applicants as well as to international students both from within the EU itself and from countries outside the EU. The high number of institutions that offer scholarships and their fluid availability make the situation in the country unique.

    Scholarships within bilateral agreements

    Financed by the Polish government or its foreign partner. The amount of scholarship is dependent on the type of study. It is also advisable to check with local authorities if they have a scholarship program that includes studies in Poland. It’s worth checking with local authorities if they have a scholarship.

    CEEPUS exchange program – The program involves 16 Central and Eastern European countries whose exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fees plus grants funded by the hosting country.

    Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries scholarships – these scholarships are offered especially to Belarusian students for BA, MA, and PhD studies and are funded by the Konstanty Kalinowski Foundation.

    Scholarships for citizens from developing countries – These scholarships assist students at the Ph.D. level of studies in technical fields in Poland. They are funded by the Polish government.

    Fulbright Programme – These are essentially grants for funding an exchange program between the United and Poland to enable students, trainees, scholars, teachers, instructors, and professors to train in both countries. Funding is administered by the Polish-US Fulbright Commission

    Visegrad Scholarship Programme – These are 1-4 semester scholarships for Master's and Post-Master degrees. The program is administered by the heads of the International Visegrad Fund.

    How to get a scholarship

    Foreign students who hold a Card of a Pole will qualify for some scholarships. Other foreign students living in Poland on a temporary residence permit or a visa are not eligible unless they or their family members fulfill the required provisions of Polish law. Students have to pursue study at an academic level in Poland. But first of all, students must complete a second-level education and have a leaving certificate for entrance into a university institution. An equivalent leaving certificate or diploma does not automatically qualify students to apply for a scholarship. Nostrification must be followed to establish the authenticity of certificates or diplomas by issuing countries and compliance with Polish law. Students must have a valid visa and a medical check-up before entering Poland.



    • 2nd place in innovation (Perspektywy University Ranking - Innovation 2023)
    • 8th place among technical universities in Poland (Perspektywy University Ranking - Universities of Technology 2023)
    • 43rd place in academic potential (Perspektywy University Ranking – Academic Potential 2023)
    • 25th place in the general ranking of Polish universities (Perspektywy University Ranking – University Ranking 2023)
    • 34th place in publications (Perspektywy University Ranking - Publications 2023)
    • 34th place in prestige (Perspektywy University Ranking - Prestige 2023)
    • 41st place in academic effectiveness (Perspektywy University Ranking - Academic Effectiveness 2023)
    • 33rd place in internationalization (Perspektywy University Ranking - Internationalization 2023)


    • 3rd place in innovation (Perspektywy University Ranking - Innovation 2022)
    • 8th place among technical universities in Poland (Perspektywy University Ranking - Universities of Technology 2022)
    • 30th place in academic potential (Perspektywy University Ranking – Academic Potential 2022)
    • 32nd place in the general ranking of Polish universities (Perspektywy University Ranking – University Ranking 2022)
    • 36th place in publications (Perspektywy University Ranking - Publications 2022)
    • 38th place in prestige (Perspektywy University Ranking - Prestige 2022)
    • 40th place in academic effectiveness (Perspektywy University Ranking - Academic Effectiveness 2022)
    • 40th place in internationalization (Perspektywy University Ranking - Internationalization 2022)


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