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London School Of International Business - LSIB

London School Of International Business - LSIB

London School Of International Business - LSIB


Our Goal

Provide flexible online learning which helps in achieving professional business qualifications anywhere and at any time and take the career to new heights.

Who Should Pursue Our Courses?

Successful managers, executives and professionals who want to advance in their career. Ambitious people who want to fast track their chosen career Those who want to start a new enterprise or take current one to a higher level.

Career Development

Studying with LSIB gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of business and information technology and help you grow your key competencies – so you gain the skills to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. The programmes offered to help you to reach the potential to earn promotion using our state of the art online learning platform and earn Bachelors or Masters level qualification.

Study anywhere, anytime

We at LSIB offer you flexible study options. Using our online model you have the advantage of learning without leaving your country and still attain a degree from the comforts of your home or office.

Our programmes are very flexible and the optional units enable you to specialise in the areas that particularly interest you. You can study the modules/units in any order.


As LSIB students you have access to comprehensive support in the form of online materials. Our students interact through online forums such as Facebook and Twitter.


You can be very confident about the calibre of the qualification you will receive, as all LSIB qualifications are from fully recognised and accredited by respective bodies ensuring that the qualification attained is well accepted.

Cost-effective and High Value

LSIB’s endeavours to ensure that the cost of its programmes is always as affordable as possible without compromising the standards of its education. The programmes are fully accredited and accepted world over.

To deliver our top-quality programmes we use our E-Learning platform also called Learning Management System as our virtual learning platform. Our Learning platform has all the required tools to deliver online world-class education. We offer a range of business qualifications which meets the learning needs of students like yourself, worldwide. These professional qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of employers.

You may be either already in employment and wish to further your career by studying a professional qualification we can surely help you achieve this. Whatever your goals are, LSIB is here to support you and to help you reach them. Benefits of our courses are as follows:-


Our qualifications give you the skills to succeed and make a difference in the workplace. We offer programmes ranging from Business Management to Information Technology – delivered 100 per cent online.


Our programmes are highly affordable compared to others and can help you save thousands of pounds thus offering you higher returns on your investment.

Recognized & High Quality

Our qualifications are recognised and accredited by colleges, universities, employers and governments around the world. The programmes offered are high quality in terms of the curriculum (which is regularly updated as per the requirements of the corporate world) and delivery through our online learning management system.

Convenient and Flexible

You can study our programmes online or through distance learning from the comforts of home or office. You can access the programmes at any time of the day whether you are on work or on vacation.


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