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Liu Panshui Normal University

Liu Panshui Normal University

Liu Panshui Normal University


Liu Panshui Normal University was founded in 1978, located in Liupanshui City, which is honoured as the “ Cool City of China”. In March 2009, the college was upgraded to a full-time common undergraduate university. The campus covers 1310 acres. This includes 360,000 square meters of teaching and office buildings. The library is in stock with 1,000,000 printed books; LNU has 9 experimental centres and 95 off-campus internship and training bases.

At present, there are 739 teachers and staff. The team includes 41 professors, 226 associate professors, 259 holding MA degrees and 36 holding PhDs. At LNU, 24 experts are honoured for their achievements by the municipal government and 1 by the provincial government. There is also 1 provincial famous teacher. The university has almost 7,000 full-time students.


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