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Ling Tung University


In the early days of the establishment of Lingdong University of Science and Technology, it was based on the five-year system of the day department. The night department was added in 1949; after 1977, the two-year day and night department was added to the department until 1986. The Ministry of Education approved the establishment of a special school for advanced studies and began to prepare for the establishment of a technical college. In 1994, the university became the first purely commercial and management private science and technology university in China that was approved to be renamed. The school system is complete. There are five colleges in management, finance, information, design, and fashion, and they are divided into business management, information management, marketing and circulation management, information technology, financial finance, accounting information, finance, information network, and international enterprises. , Digital Media Design, Applied Foreign Languages, Tourism and Leisure Management, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Creative Product Design, Apparel Design and Fashion Management and other 17 departments: Finance and Finance, International Enterprises, Corporate Management, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Fourteen research institutes including design, information technology, financial law, marketing and circulation management, fashion design, tourism and leisure management, information management, creative product design, fiscal and accounting information, and EMBA. Each department has set up a day department, The education system of the Department of Continuing Education, the School of Continuing Education, and the Continuing Education Special School are designed to meet the needs of the society, and students can choose to study.


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