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Lens - Fotografía

Lens - Fotografía

Lens - Fotografía


Since its inception in January 2011, LENS School of Visual Arts has established itself as the youngest and fastest growing school in Spain. Its success lies in a commitment to the quality of programs offered, based on the educational, professional and human quality of its faculty.

LENS is an innovative audiovisual training project that offers affordable training without sacrificing high quality. Found in a photography school, soon expanded its program to become a school of visual arts, seen as instruments that thrive on creativity to improve knowledge of the world around us, without giving up a horizon of personal and collective transformation.

LENS School of Visual Arts offers photography courses, video courses, design courses and weekend workshops in these areas and at different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The domain of technical tools, learning a way of looking and finding own personal language are the three milestones of a road open to all.

The professional courses train students for a career considering the reality of the environment in the workplace and the alternatives for the new professional.

The Masters in Fine Art Photography and Professional Projects is the training program more complete picture of the national scene.

The learning system is based on small groups and personalized attention. The needs and concerns of the students are the starting point for the construction of critical, conscious and creative citizens.

LENS Come to check that this is possible: because we enjoy training and we are passionate about the visual arts.


  • Madrid

    Lens - Fotografía Ronda de Toledo 16, Espacio 308-310, 28005 , Madrid