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Leipzig School of Media


Non-profit association for academic further education

The Leipzig School of Media (LSoM) , founded in 2008, is a non-profit society for in-service cross-media continuing education. It is a subsidiary of the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig.

LSoM's in-service training courses are aimed at employed workers in companies in the media industry, in companies in other sectors, in NGOs and in public institutions. The LSoM's main goal is to help companies and organizations cope with the digital transformation and its consequences.

LSoM's offer includes four Master's programs and a wide range of courses and seminars. The master's degree programs are conducted in cooperation with the University of Leipzig, HTWK Leipzig (University of Applied Sciences, Arts and Culture) and Fresenius onlineplus and conclude with an internationally recognized Master's degree - depending on the degree program with a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Science (M.Sc.). Participation in courses and seminars is confirmed by LSoM certificates and may in part entitle participants to take exams from organizations in the communications industry.

Our core values

Free media with social responsibility and value-oriented communication

For the LSoM, independent, free media is a key prerequisite for the functioning of a democracy. Only through comprehensive, objective and critical reporting can the citizens of a community form an opinion on relevant issues and exercise their democratic rights. Journalism as a democratic good is therefore a central value of LSoM in the sense described.

Democratic discourse is increasingly taking place nowadays in public relations, marketing and corporate communications. Accordingly, these actors also bear social responsibility. The LSoM therefore stands for total value-based communication, which also includes these actors. PR, marketing and any other organized communication must be transparent, honest, fair, truthful and professional, as described, for example, in the Communications Code of the German Council for Public Relations.

All communication today takes place under the conditions of a rapidly occurring digital transformation. This process, also referred to as the digital revolution in society as a whole, not only alters all technical processes, but also our concepts of public and social participation. Journalists and other communicators are faced with changing expectations. Readers, users and customers want to be taken seriously as dialogue partners in the digital world, they demand transparency and want to have their say in decisions.

The changes are sometimes very challenging for media professionals, for example when previously reliable business models no longer work or entire job profiles disappear. However, the LSoM focuses on the opportunities that accompany change. Journalists can better inform and entertain their audience through cross-media offerings, marketers are able to target their customers better, and PR professionals have the opportunity to interact directly with stakeholders. In short: The digital media change offers constantly new interesting possibilities. Shaping it is a central concern of LSoM.

Our unique selling points

Cross-media, practical and academically sound.

The unique selling point of the LSoM is first and foremost the high quality of teaching and training, which is always based on both practice and academic standards. Only renowned professors and experienced practitioners teach at the LSoM. Students and students learn at the LSoM in small learning groups. The modern infrastructure of the media campus Villa Ida ensures a good learning environment. The support is intensive, all customers of the LSoM receive every imaginable support.

Our mission statement

To shape the digital media change

The Leipzig School of Media helps companies and organizations to cope with the digital transformation and its consequences by providing the necessary knowledge and skills through academically sound and practical education and training.


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