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In the city of Reims, France, a young priest started the congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

De la Salle, moved by compassion for the abandonment in which the children of artisans and the poor lived, abandons the comfort of his palace (hotel de la cloche), of his family and leaves everything to care for these children in whose eyes see hope shine.

Faced with the immense problems generated by hunger, war, and poverty, De la Salle does not curse his time or regret the situation. He gives himself with a passion to change the negative in life, innovates, creates, founds, responds to the hopes of many, and, then, a new dawn is born for the poor. The first Lasallian school was founded in the year 1680 and from this date to the present day Lasallian education has spread throughout the world. That is why it is a Tricentennial foundation whose educational model seeks educational excellence and transcendent values ​​that give meaning to the human person. It has successfully passed the test of time (325 years).

Currently, La Salle is present in 82 countries of the world, with very diverse educational works, colleges, schools, normal schools, universities, reformatories, family homes, and currently with other creative works supported by young volunteers who with committed Brothers and Teachers direct educational works for the service of those most in need.

In Mexico, there are 14 Lasallian universities that form a consortium called ILMES (Mexican Lasallian Institutions of Higher Education). In the world, there are more than 80 Lasallian universities or Higher Education centers.

This international union with La Salle universities allows the exchange between students who wish to have an international experience doing their studies in different parts of the world. The agreement with the universities establishes that the student is received according to what he is paying at the university of origin, and if he has a scholarship, his percentage of scholarship with the universities with which there are agreements is maintained.


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