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LéCOLE - The Event Thinking School

LéCOLE - The Event Thinking School

LéCOLE - The Event Thinking School


LéCOLE the event thinking school, l’école d’excellence de l’événement

A school at the service of its sector

The strength of this school lies in its structure and governance: The two main sector associations, UNIMEV and LÉVÉNEMENT will be the largest shareholders alongside the founders of l’Institut de l’Événement. There are also many events players involved in the school's resources and governance.

This representation ensures that educational content and skills will be delivered in perfect harmony with the needs expressed by the industry. The employability of graduating students will be optimized by close and constant exchanges between the teaching staff and players within the events market.

This is not just a school which provides events industry training but a school which is specifically formulated for future roles within the events industry.

They Invested in LéCOLE

Students will be hosted by:

Prioritize applications for permanent roles from outgoing students from lécole:

A’Tipic - Action Services Organisation - ADR Production - Algorythme - À Nous La Lune - Arcance Event - Arep - Arthémuse - Auditoire - Biarritz Tourisme - Chaïkana - Crealians - Double 2 - European Society Of Cardiology - Événements D’elles - Exponantes - FC2 Events - Foire Exposition De Clermont Cournon - Giglam - GL Events - Grand Nancy Congrès Et Événements - Groupe FG Design - Green Événements - Groupe Ideactif - Groupe Novelty - Groupe S’Cape - Hopscotch Groupe - Jet Stim - JMT France - La 4D - Lévénement - Lever De Rideau - Magic Garden - Manifestory - Mondial Events - Monsieur Loyal - Mothership - Orléans Val De Loire Événements - Reims Événements - Rouen Expo Événements - Sagarmatha - Social Dynamite - Sommet De L’élevage - System Event - Unimev - Viparis

To join LéCOLE is to join the event industry

Beyond creating specialists in event formats (internal conventions, seminars, expos, product launches, conferences, sporting events, cultural events, road shows, public events, etc.), LéCOLE also trains pupils to think with the mind of an events planner.

An Event Manager must master the «mechanics» of an event and must be able to "create an event" for any type of service/product/brand/industry/community across all types of format and media. They must also master the different phases of planning, coordinating and monitoring a project, across all types of format and media to put in place.

The Event Thinking is about addressing any and all marketing, communication, business or innovation problems.

The Event Thinking is based on the curiosity, daring, anticipation, empathy, sense, entrepreneurship and inventiveness of students beyond their education.


  • Paris

    6, rue de Lisbonne, 75008, Paris