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Kyoto Saga University Of Arts

Kyoto Saga University Of Arts

Kyoto Saga University Of Arts


The Institution provides a modern higher education based on the spiritual legacies of the founder of Daikakuji Temple, Emperor Saga, and the Great Buddhist teacher and founder of the sect, Kobo Daishi.

It fosters creativity and character in its students through broad artistic education and encourages them to help realize a rich and peaceful society.

Located in the Sagano area of the internationally renowned cultural city of Kyoto, we have established a firm foothold on art education here, amidst an environment in which the harmony of nature and culture can be felt. We aim at producing imaginative artists and cultural designers with finely-tuned sensibilities, who are able not only to contribute to the development of an artistic culture of their own country but who will also actively apply their knowledge and skills within the international community. To this end, we have founded KYOTO SAGA UNIVERSITY OF ARTS GRADUATE SCHOOL, KYOTO SAGA UNIVERSITY OF ARTS, and KYOTO SAGA ART COLLEGE.


  • Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan