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KTH Royal Institute of Technology MSc Data-Driven Health
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSc Data-Driven Health

Stockholm, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

Aug 2024

SEK 342,000 / per year



The master's programme in Data-Driven Health equips you with the skills to employ data to transform healthcare and improve people's health. You will acquire technical skills in data processing, data mining and machine learning, combined with expertise in health systems and systems biology. After graduation, you face exciting career opportunities in a quickly expanding field.

Data-Driven Health at KTH

The master's programme in data-driven health provides expert knowledge on how data can be used to change and streamline healthcare and improve people's health. The focus is on using health data from healthcare, self-produced data, community data and health data from other sources in the analysis. You will explore different ways of processing, storing, modelling and analysing data to put data-driven insights into a complex context. You will gain an understanding of the type of data that exists, how it is structured, and how to adapt it for effective analysis. "Data curation" and "data governance" are also technical parts of the programme. During your studies, you will work with real cases, for example, by analysing data on different diseases and looking at young people's mental health. You will also gain valuable insights into healthcare organisations to prepare you for your future career.



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