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Korean National University of Arts, K ARTS

Korean National University of Arts, K ARTS

Korean National University of Arts, K ARTS


An artist is a person who made a family with art, who touches others with art, and heals the world. Our Korean National University of Arts has produced numerous artists since its opening in 1992. They are active in creative activities in all genres and areas of music, theater, video, dance, fine arts, and traditional arts. The professors at our school are also outstanding active artists and are the originators of the creation.

Some have already surpassed the star. They do not recreate existing art in common but create and perform works that do not exist to create a new world. These are what we call the masters. Regardless of genre, regardless of age or economy, the creative activities of masters themselves create a new path. The road doesn't already exist, but the path that the masters have passed.

Now, art has expanded beyond the scope of individuals to co-creative activities. That is why the more precious people are the hidden masters who are pioneering their own ground in places that are not visible. Lighting, shooting, sound, costumes, accompaniment, design, planning..., these are the creative staff. These are the infrastructure of the art world and the foundation that makes great art possible.

The biggest advantage of our Korean National University of Arts is that it teaches all fields of art, including music, theater, video, dance, art, and traditional arts, as well as architecture, literature, and art management. In addition to your major, you have the only environment in which you can experience all art with your eyes wide open and your heart open. If art meets music and traditional art meets video, we can open up a whole new world of creation that was not possible in other schools or countries.


  • Seongbuk-gu

    Seongbuk-gu, South Korea


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