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Korea Polytechnic University

Korea Polytechnic University


A Leading University Promoting Smart Ecosystem for Manufacturing Industry Strategically located in the Siheung and Ansan Smart Hub, Korea Polytechnic University specializes in industry-university cooperation, modeled after advanced industrial clusters abroad. KPU is still a young university but the institution has contributed to the development of the nation’s industries by nurturing more professionals in engineering than any other. Implementing a customized curriculum that reflects industry needs, KPU has cultivated a campus culture in which industry and university coexist by embracing each other.

Moreover, as a leading university that initiated and spread the partner company system, KPU has the largest network of companies in the nation with around 4,200 corporations as its partners. KPU was also the first to conduct the Engineering House system, in which undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with faculty members in their R&D projects with corporations, an innovative approach to engineering education. From the first graduating class of 2002 until now, KPU’s efforts have secured its place as a top career-developing institution and its industry mindset has become an example for many universities in Korea and overseas.

Furthermore, KPU has received numerous major government grants: the Society-oriented Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation Initiative(LINC+) from the Ministry of Education, the Training for Smart Manufacturing Industry engineers from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and the Initial and Preliminary Package Project from the Ministry of Employment and Labor. The school also received excellent marks in university evaluations conducted by Korean major media, proving its strengths to the nation.

The global industry paradigm is rapidly changing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rising related technologies of artificial intelligence, IoT, 3D printing technology, and the like. In response, KPU aims to upgrade the university’s existing industry-university cooperation network by supporting the corporations in Siheung and Ansan Smart Hub to innovate their technologies and become smart. Korea Polytechnic University will continually advance forward to embark on the challenge of becoming a leader to promote a smart ecosystem for the manufacturing industry as well as cultivate talents for the future.


  • Dongdaemun-gu

    Dongdaemun-gu, South Korea