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Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU) MA in English Studies
Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU)

MA in English Studies

4 Semesters


Full time

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EUR 3,480 / per semester *


* plus €150 application fee and €100 registration fee (paid once)


The M.A. program in English Studies at KJU aims to provide in-depth knowledge of multi-level global/European/national/local governance, transnational business and civil language communication services, the design and management of language service programs, the organization and management of related research on language use, cultural and environmental contexts, and the development of quality and innovative service models.

Did you know?

  • The English department organizes events and programs every semester (e.g., Franklin Evenings, English Studies events, mini-conferences, alumni meetings, language workshops, Irish, Canadian, and American film clubs, guest writers and speakers during the thematic weeks, etc.), for both our full-time and correspondence students.
  • That you can participate in the long- and short-term ERASMUS student mobility programs, and study trips to several countries in Europe and the United States (Camp of America).
  • That employment opportunities for English Studies graduates are extremely plentiful since you can find jobs in the public and non-profit sectors, as well as in multinational companies and large domestic corporations. (Office administration, HR, economics, IT administration, teaching, interpreting, translation, cultural organisation, as well as management.

Description of the program

The program's qualification objectives are equivalent to the European Qualification Framework System level 7, and the Hungarian National Qualification Framework system 7th level programs, which comply with the Hungarian subject benchmarks. The program was accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) in March 2023.

The English Studies MA is a practice-oriented liberal arts language program. The MA English Studies program aims to train specialists who have full mastery (C1 level) of the English language, are proficient users of the language and have the necessary theoretical, methodological, and practical skills. Rather than mere passive receivers of information, students graduating from this MA program will be specialists fully capable of undertaking independent and original investigations in a wide range of topics.

Degree holders have in-depth knowledge of English-speaking countries, including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, and South Africa and their literature, culture, social and political establishment, and history. Degree holders also know the basics of modern theoretical and applied linguistics, main trends, research topics, and all relevant research results relating to the English language. Degree holders can use their skills in business, media, education, book publishing, diplomacy, institutions of international relationships, tourism, project management offices, regional and national levels of administration, and cultural institutions. Degree holders are prepared to pursue research and studies at the PhD level.

Specialized focus areas:

  • Global Englishes: Culture, Language and Applied Linguistics Track
  • Global Englishes: Literary and Cultural Track

Overview of courses:

  • Transversal Skills: Active Academic English Language Skills, Modern British Society: History, Culture, Politics; The English Language from the Origins to the 21st Century, Trends in Literary and Cultural Studies, From the British Empire to American Supremacy and Beyond.
  • Professional core: Advanced Research Methods, Historical Aspects of British Literature and Culture; Language Contact and Variation; Inter-, Multi-, Transdisciplinary Approaches to English Literature in the World.
  • Electives: IT Literacy and IT Language 1; IT Literacy and IT Language 2; Problems of Literary Translations from Different Englishes.
  • Specialization tracks 1 and 2:
  • Specialization 1: Global Englishes: Culture, Language and Applied Linguistics Track: Role of English in Education, Science and Business Globally; Intercultural Communication and Pragmatics; Translation and Cultural Identity; Business English in Translation; Using ELF; Case Study in Global Englishes /South Africa; World Englishes, English in the EU, Global English: Language of Business and International Relations, Advances in Linguistics /Sociolinguistics.
  • Specialization 2: Global Englishes: Literary and Cultural Track: Hyphenated American Studies: Literature, Culture and Historical Experience; Diversity in Contemporary British Literature, Multi- and Transcultural Projections in Canadian Visual Culture, Cultural and Literary Projections of Contemporary Africa, Humour as a Tradition of Irish Identity, Topics in Asian Literature in English, Shakespeare Reinvented, Critical and Cultural Perspectives of the USA in Contemporary Films in English, Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Culture, Topics in Canadian Indigenous Literatures, Advances in Literary/ Cultural Research.



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