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Kitasato University School of Medicine

Kitasato University School of Medicine

Kitasato University School of Medicine


The Kitasato University School of Medicine (KUSM) was Established in 1970. It was the first Japanese medical school built after World War II, but its origins date back to 1914 when Baron Shibasaburo Kitasato founded the original Kitasato Institute, Japan's first private medical research facility. Dr. Kitasato (1853-1931) was an internationally renowned pioneering bacteriological researcher and physician who made significant contributions to preventive medicine with his achievements in the field of immunology. His collaborative research with Emil von Behring on tetanus and diphtheria, published in 1890, resulting in both being nominated for the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1901, with both recognized by many as being the originators of Serotherapy. Following in the long and distinguished history of the kitasato institute, and maintaining the pioneering and philanthropic spirit of Dr. Kitasato and his successors, KUSM is committed to the education of medical professionals who are dedicated to the practical exploitation of scientific research to expedite improvements in public health and the eradication of infectious diseases.


  • Sagamihara

    Sagamihara, Japan


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