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King's College London - Faculty of Arts & Humanities

King's College London - Faculty of Arts & Humanities

King's College London - Faculty of Arts & Humanities


Meeting the challenges of today conceptually, historically and imaginatively.

One of the most prestigious arts and humanities faculties in the country, A&H is based in the heart of London and boasts close ties to many of the city’s most renowned cultural institutions, such as the British Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Portrait Gallery. Formed in 1989 when the former Faculties of Arts, Music and Theology were amalgamated, the following three decades have seen A&H grow to one of the broadest, most diverse faculties of its kind.

We offer undergraduate degrees, postgraduate master’s courses and extensive research opportunities in all aspects of human culture and history, from ancient languages to contemporary film studies. A commitment to interdisciplinarity is central to what we do and the successes we have achieved – borne out in our collaborations, our joint-events and our combined reached/teaching with other departments.

Recent successes include:

  • Numerous A&H departments being ranked in worldwide ‘Top 20s’ – for example Philosophy (9th), Classics (12th), English (16th) and History (17th) - QS World University Rankings 2022
  • 95 % of Faculty research judged to have made a ‘world leading’ (4*) or ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) impact [REF 2021]

Our Faculty's vision

To be one of the world’s leading arts and humanities faculties, recognised for the quality, impact and integration of our research and education, and for the exceptional student experience we offer.

Key statistics in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

  • One of the largest faculties in the university (c.a. 5000+ students)
  • Around 24 % of our current students are International and 16% are EU
  • C.a. 900 academic and professional services staff members
  • Host to over 1000 Study Abroad students every year


  • London

    London, United Kingdom